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Ningbo Commbroad Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd focuses on the R&D for ultra-high-speed optical communication technology.  It is committed to providing large-scale, ultra-high-speed system solutions for the global data center customers.

Commbroad serves domestic and foreign customers in the fields of cloud computing, data centers, telecommunications, 5G wireless networks, etc. Our products cover from 1G to 400G  full series optical modules . Our company  continues to promote products to be high speed, miniaturization, low power consumption and low cost.

Commbroad  100G DR1 and 400G DR4 silicon photonics optical modules have passed Spirent's interoperability verification test. 

Our Core Technology Platforms

1. AWG: We can provide mature silicon photonics AWG chip and component design, it can aceieve mass production for fiber optic modules.

2. COB: We have full-automated COB process platform, it can achieve 100G LR4, 100G CWDM4 and 400G DR4 silicon optical chip packaging process.

3.SiPh: We own 100G/200G/400G SiPh(state-of-the-art silicon photonics) chips, it widely used in data center application with high bandwidth and low insertion loss.

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